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DIGITAL FOREST  is the media group with focus on the gaming market of Ru-net. The main mission of the holding company is to make this industry available for constantly rising army of gamers. Hence the main direction is in the developing of projects which are extremely interesting for/in Russian audience.

The media portal www.gamanoid.ru and 24-hour channel Gamanoid TV compensate the lack of unique and high-quality information about the gaming industry. Due to a detailed coverage of all the major events of the industry, such as festivals and conferences, gamers and developers around the world have the opportunity to get the first-hand information as quickly as possible. 

Gamanoid Cybersport Festival is dedicated to popularisation of e-sports in Russia. It helps talented players to turn theirs dreams into reality and find their own way into cybersport. But most of all this event creates the whole infrastructure as the necessary part for its organic development and brings the industry to a qualitatively new level.

Publishing division in holding structure crafts its own cases but netherless operates within the general line of the Digital Forest. On the one hand it helps developers with the promotion of game projects. On the other hand it helps gamers to orient in the industry and find the really interesting releases.

Thus, working and developing in several directions of the gaming industry, Digital Forest Corporation has the unique opportunity to interact with every Russian gamer without any exception.


The holding company was created in the summer of 2012, and a team of experts and specialists started work on the universal gaming platform Gamanoid.ru shortly thereafter. Its release and presentation, then, took place during the GDC international gaming conference in San Francisco in March of 2013. Since then, the project has undergone some changes, but it is now a popular portal for daily news from the world of gaming, with its own video programs and reports from all over the world.

The company has participated in all the major international exhibitions and festivals, from Los Angeles to Seoul, and from Cologne to Kiev. After just a few years, Gamanoid.ru became so popular that the next step in its development became obvious, which was the creation of its namesake television channel. Then in 2015, the editing and production company SB Studio, as part of the holding company, began broadcasting Gamanoid TV. At the time of its first broadcast, it was the only television channel dedicated to gaming in all of Russia. The content, however, was more than just the latest updates in the gaming market; it also showed the mysterious gaming world in all its variety, and at times emphasized the provocative - this is the most important purpose of new television. As of today, 9 months after its first broadcast, this non-stop channel is now available through the satellite provider Orion Express and dozens of cable providers. The subscriber base has thus increased to over 3 million, and is now broadcasted on the internet, as well.

One of the company’s strongest new productions in 2015 was the all-Russian cybersport festival GCF. Participants from 8 cities and 1500 hopefuls from all over the country were able to participate in the battle for 1 million rubles. The second season of the festival, which opens in April of 2016, promises to be even more spectacular, as well. The organization’s objectives for such events is not only the desire to create nationwide and regional infrastructure for the development of cybersports, or to promote the development of Russian e-sports in general, but also to start work on the popularization of cybersporting as an alternative and socially meaningful leisure activity. Consequently, this can affect the socialization and education of the younger generation, making it more significant than just geographical expansion, the inclusion of other cities, or an increase in prize money.

The activities the Digital Forest holding company are not limited to media, however. Its specialists are also concurrently working on the development of an advertising infrastructure, the main goal of which is to help game developers search for and deliver information to their target audience. Hence, another important aspect of the company is the promotion of new gaming projects to the Russian market. This includes consultations with other game developers and public relations services, as well as market penetration strategy and media planning. Our specialists are able to provide any army of followers for any project.


Entertaining online portal dedicated to the game industry. The latest news, comments, discussions, articles, reviews, popular blogers' streams.

Gamanoid Arena

The simulator of the eSport industry. Provide all users with unique opportunity to build a career, make money, become famous and established in united community of Arena using their unique set of skills.


Game TV channel. Daily news, on-the-spot reports, actuality programs, stories from the ground in major festivals and exhibitions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Advertising & marketing agency located in Russia and specialised on game market. Its approach is based on the analysis and development of  business ideas. It helps to create a strategic plan and find the best solutions to achieve the real results.  

SB Studio

The unique Russian production studio. It provides a full range of services for creating videos of all possible kinds and fields. Creative, efficiently, quickly.


Game publisher in Russia and the CIS. Interested in all genres of games, across all possible platforms.  Complex method of promoting games into the market.

Our best-in-class PRteam knows the secret of success and can provide your project with crowds of fans.


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